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March-April 2017

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You have a great collection of plates and bowls for your different dishes. What was the thought process for the tabletop selections? AB: We actually bought most of our dishware from Chinatown. Since there was already so much red in the space, we looked for classic blue-and-white- patterned china, which also matches the look of our menu. What makes Won Fun different from other Chinese restaurants here? AB: We really embraced the complexity of the dishes from Sichuan and other regional Chinese cuisines and stayed true to the flavors, but we use a lot less chili and definitely less oil so everything is easier to eat. Speaking of the menu, what are some standouts? AB: We serve a Peking duck dinner that's meant to be shared and served with steamed buns and duck fried rice. Our dandan noodles are based on an extremely classic dish and one of the original street foods in the Chengdu capital of Sichuan. They're sold by a guy who carries a pole with noodles on it, and when he would hit the pole, that was the dandan sound. We've definitely incorporated that idea of mala with prickly ash peppercorns and chili oil, but we balance it out with noo- dles we make in-house, which is a labor of love because we couldn't buy the same noodle here. Another super classic Sich- uan dish on the menu is the pork wontons, or dumplings, with just a few ingredi- ents — pork, scallions and a little ginger, because it's all about the sweetness of the pork and you don't want to overpower that. We dress it with a little sauce of chili oil and aromatic soy sauce brewed with seven different spices like Chinese cinnamon, black cardamom and star anise. explore our collections at emuamericas llc 800.726.0368 it's in to be out ® 60 years of manufacturing experience in outdoor furniture. "Made in Italy" at its best. ®

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