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March-April 2017

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Consultant's Take user experience isn't integrated. There's no easy solution in this case. Fully integrating new technologies with existing POS systems takes time and money. Fortunately, the costs may decrease in the coming years. U.S.-based POS companies are developing systems that are designed to work with multiple plug-ins, such as apps and email market- ing tools. Many POS developers from overseas now entering our market have fully open systems that can be integrated with third-party technologies. As more systems are built for customization, doing so should become less expensive. Of course, when it comes to creat- ing an integrated POS system — and really, an entire integrated technology experience — new operations actually have the benefit of a clean slate. In such cases, adventurous, tech- savvy operators may want to rethink some of the basics of restaurant opera- tions. At Rise Artisan Pizza + Salads, customers can either order at the POS counter or sit down and place their or- ders with one of the restaurant's roving team members armed with iPads. Another change: Instead of having a bar, the concept relies on a computer- ized beer and wine tap wall. To serve a drink, the same team members who take orders simply swipe a card, and the taps provide a perfect pour. In effect, technology has turned every employee outside of the kitchen into waiter, host and bartender. This serves customers better and also cuts down on labor costs. There's no need for a dedicated bar- tender or host during slower dayparts. This approach changes the design of the restaurant as well. With tableside, counter and app/online ordering avail- able, the queue area can be smaller. And the tap wall offers the benefits of a bar without the dedicated space for one. Of course, just because all of this is possible doesn't mean it's right for every restaurant. While floating team members and no bar work for a fast- casual operation, they don't make sense | | 888.239.0575 Booth# 2983 Come See Us! Wood-Fired Electric Gas-Fired Booth# N135 Innovative Designs Hand-Crafted Ovens

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