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MAY-JUN 2017

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it costs money to not be open. The more detailed the project manage- ment plan, the better, Sugrue says. "It sequences how everything moves ahead and how long each part of the process is going to be. It's very disciplined." There are a few things operators can do pre- and post-renovation to lessen the time the restaurant is closed, Sugrue says. For example, for the most recent Saladworks renovation, he coor- dinated with the landlord to use an area to stage equipment before the space was ready. Other things that can be done in advance include removing ceil- ing tiles, relocating piping and painting. "This way, you can do the full shutdown for less time. There's a real premium on pre-work," he says. Before it started its first remodel, Saladworks did its homework about remodeling. "The process started in late 2015. We did hundreds of store tours of competitive shops to see what con- sumers are looking for in healthy food restaurants," Sugrue explains. "Then, we took those insights and shared them with the design firm." Fully closing your restaurant for a remodel is the way to go, Taylor believes, because if you remain open, it takes longer. This is because you need to reassemble a normal, sanitized, working restaurant at the end of every night's work. Cleaning a restaurant every night to the levels required by health departments can be both time- consuming and costly, he says, and these costs need to be factored in. "You also don't get the production out of workers at night that you do in the day, and night workers cost more. You don't get eight hours for eight hours' pay at night, so you are susceptible to losing production," he points out. "We feel remaining open doubles the construc- tion schedule." Work It Backward Nine months ago, Puccini Group remodeled, Tratto, which is housed in A DIVISION OF TMI INTERNATIONAL, LLC

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