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NOV-DEC 2017

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1 6 • S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T • N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 Q: Tell us about Marra Forni's new integrated chimney & grease duct venting system. Stavri Sotiri: We integrated the venting system because our customers were running into problems using general contractors or mom & pop shops to provide them with oven ventilation. With our new integrated venting sys- tem, we have incorporated easy to open cleanup ac- cesses. This makes it much easier to properly clean the vents in order to significantly reduce the risk of a vent fire. Q: What are the key dif- ferences between Marra Forni's venting and other systems? SS: One thing is, our venting is very easy to install. You can call it "plug-n-play." Another thing is, we use grade 309 stainless steel, which is top of the line. Our vents have double walls with insulation in between, to make them more energy efficient. And it meets the 103 and 1978 UL standards, making it possible to vent at high temperatures. Due to our high manufacturing stan- dards we are able to offer a 25-year warranty. Q: Is the system easy to use? SS: Yes! Our Rotator ovens all come equipped with our innovative touchscreen technology. Thus, with inte- grated ventilation, you have the ability to set the oven and the fan to automatically turn on in the morning before you come in and off at the close of business, using the touchscreen. You can also control the speed of the fan, as you desire. Q: How does integrating the venting with the oven make the process easier for your customers? SS: By integrating the ven- tilation, we are able to make the job of architects and mechanical engineers a lot easier. One way we do that is by making sure that the sys- tem is ready for use and the dimensions are compatible with your architect's specifi- cations. Also, our system has all the UL listings, so you will not have a problem pass- ing inspection. This is very important because you won't run into unknowns when opening day comes, only to find out you have to tear down your system and make adjustments to pass the inspections. Also, because of the precautions we have taken, you are not required to have a sprinkler system. We have never had a system fail or not pass inspection. 888.239.0575 Plug & Play Ventilation Q&A with Marra Forni Lead Engineer Stavri Sotiri o y t ra t u r D u c t g c o t o u c c r n C o n t r o t o u r R o t a t o r o v n s .

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