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NOV-DEC 2017

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7 2 • S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T • N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 7 Q. Describe Polar King in 10 words or less. John Benner: High-quality, long-lasting, reliable, energy-efficient walk-ins. Q. What differentiates Po- lar King from others in the marketplace? JB: For one, we use a seam- less fiberglass design that makes us quite different from metal panel manufacturers. As a result, our walk-ins are completely weather resis- tant, with an exterior that will never rust, dent or corrode. And because the units are 100% seamless you never have to worry about our insulation deteriorating due to moisture. Equally important, we are the only manufacturer that places 100% of our focus on outdoor installation. Q. Can you briefly describe one new product or in- novation Polar King has introduced this year? JB: While it may not be a tangible product or offering, earlier this year our walk-in coolers/freezers received a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from Miami-Dade County. This NOA designates that all Polar King products comply with the High Velocity Hur- ricane Zone of the Florida Building Code. This designation was bestowed after Polar King's walk-in coolers and freez- ers passed rigorous testing required to gain Miami-Dade County product control approval. In light of the recent hurricanes we fully understand why the testing is so intense and specific. All of our walk-ins are now approved for use within Miami-Dade's high-velocity hurricane zones. For those in Miami-Dade County this means that Polar King walk- ins can be specified without delay. Q. What type of surface does the walk-in need to be placed on? JB: Every Polar King has a steel frame base built into the bottom of the walk-in, enabling our walk-ins to be placed on most level surfaces including asphalt, wood decking, grass and gravel. We do recommend that if you have a thru-wall design (where the walk-in is physically attached to your building) that you place the walk-in on a concrete slab. Q. Will my outdoor walk-in tie-in aesthetically to the restaurant's exterior? JB: Polar King has hundreds of color options and custom textures available to match almost any style. Plus, if you ever redesign your operation, you can easily update your Polar King walk- in using an outdoor industrial enamel paint. Q How is Polar King work- ing with restaurants to cus- tomize unique solutions? JB: The great thing about our fiberglass construc- tion is that nothing is really out of bounds. More times than not the unique solution we provide is the ability to maximize usable space. For instance, replacing your in- door walk-in with an outdoor walk-in is a quick and effec- tive way to increase the size of your building's interior. Removing a 10' x 20' indoor walk-in is the equivalent of a 200 square-foot expansion, thus providing more room to generate revenue. Take Your Walk-In Out(doors) A Q&A with John Benner, Director of National Accounts, Polar King Durable, custom built tri-axle cooler/freezer combination trailer with detailed wrap. With hundreds of color options and custom textures, Polar King's standard fiberglass finish (left) or an upgraded custom exte- rior façade (right) can match any exterior.

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