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NOV-DEC 2018

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4 4 • r e s t a u r a n t d e v e l o p m e n t + d e s i g n • N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 2018 PRODUCT GUIDE New Laser-Cut Metals Patterns Móz Designs has 16 new patterns in its Laser Cut metal collection. From botanicals to geometrics, the new patterns are suitable for interior and exterior applications. Designers can use the patterns to seamlessly divide space, control light and shadows, and add unique visual elements to a variety of environ- ments. Now with 27 standard patterns in six categories, the Laser Cut collection is suitable for use on columns, partitions, walls and exterior facades. The products come in standard 4-by-8-foot aluminum sheets with a thickness of 3 /16 inch. Custom sizes are available and designers can specify the size and shape of the cuts. A range of colors and grains is available, including gradients, metallic, neutrals and standard powder coatings. Móz Designs Light by Night Aeris Hospitality's Luminous Series features tempered fused glass embedded with low-voltage LEDs suitable for a variety of both indoor and outdoor hospitality and restaurant design applications from stairways, to wall coverings to tabletops. The surface of each unit is coated with corrosion-resistant patterns. Aeris Hospitality Architectural Woven Mesh Banker Wire's SJD-5 wire mesh pattern uses different crimp styles to create a mix of shine, satin, smooth and rough. At No Vacancy Lounge in Portland, Ore., wire mesh patterns are used to create a second-–oor mezzanine railing include four different crimp styles for a compelling mix of textures. The maker can customize any wire mesh pattern and offers a variety of secondary —nishes through outside vendors. Banker Wire Next-Gen Fiber Cement Cladding Miraia is a high-gloss —ber cement clad- ding with a mirror-like —nish. Miraia mimics metal's luster and features weather- resistant qualities. Miraia is available in three colors: snow, glacier and onyx. Each panel measures 17 7 /8 inches high by 71 9 /16 inches wide. Nichiha ColorCore Laminate Formica In—niti ColorCore 2 Laminate features a soft-to-the- touch super-matte —nish that is —ngerprint-resistant, offers antimicrobial surface protection, thermal healing capabilities and features a matching colored core that eliminates the brown edge typically seen with laminate. Formica In—niti ColorCore 2 laminate is suited for commercial settings such as hotels, res- taurants, retail, of—ces, higher education and healthcare lobbies. The product can be applied horizontally or vertically and is ideal for casework, countertops, furniture and signage. Formica Corporation Light Meets Stone Terrazzo Lumina is a con- crete substrate manufactured with light-conducting tech- nology. A hidden LED source transmits light through channels embedded in the solid concrete, resulting in a myriad of light points emanating from the surface. Adaptable and customizable, these products have the durability of traditional terrazzo while integrating at least 6 percent and up to 18 percent post-consumer recycled content as well as a signi—cant proportion of regrind. Terrazzo Lumina comes in precast slabs or tiles, or custom cast to suit speci—c project needs. Terrazzo Lumina is suitable for use on countertops, –ooring, wall applications and multiple other solutions. Sensitile Systems

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