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NOV-DEC 2018

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Starry, Starry Light Displaying rays of pin- style light, Yellow Goat Design's 90 Degrees is a satellite chandelier the design of which draws inspiration from technology and futuristic space-living. A satin silver capsule drum sits at the heart of this bespoke light. LED bi-pins attach to steel tubes and stretch from the core to form a network of starry white lights. Hand-bent at 90 degrees to form a hanging gravitational circuit, the effect of the LEDs is like looking up at the Milky Way or a distant solar system. Yellow Goat Design Versatile, Inviting Bloom Under the colorful shade of Bloom from Eureka is a lumi- nous globe that provides soft light. Bloom comes in ‚ve ‚nishes and in semi-recessed, ceiling pendant or sus- pended con‚gura- tion. A central source projects a powerful light that's softened by the spherical polymer diffuser to create ef‚cient yet soft lighting. A custom-designed heatsink diffuses heat produced by the light source and the spun aluminum shade comes in two sizes. Color options include black, light gray, white, navy blue or pale green. Dimming avail- able on request. Eureka Lighting Cymbalic Style After working with drum cymbals on a few custom projects, Cerno designers grew to appreciate the design and engineering that goes into these beauti- ful objects. Cymbals have a simple form, rich texture and a brass ‚nish. This design embraces the idea that modernism is often about utilizing what already exists and repurposing things. The solid brass Ico 20 pen- dant has a 20-inch diameter and can pair with various light bulb styles. Cerno Elegance has a new Meaning Check this fixture out at Booth 133 (800) 458-1244 BDNY, New York Minimalist Flute Sconce Inspired by the soft curvature and minimalist trademark of cham- pagne ‹utes, Studio DUNN's Flute Sconce provides accent lighting. The articulating sconce freely moves to shed light in the desired direction. Metalsmiths craft the namesake shape of this collection — spun metal pieces mimicking the delicate features of champagne ‹utes. Powder coat colors and metallic details reference a mid-century modern aesthetic. Custom colors and con‚gurations available. Bulbs sold separately. Studio DUNN

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