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NOV-DEC 2018

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7 0 • r e s t a u r a n t d e v e l o p m e n t + d e s i g n • N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 8 2018 PRODUCT GUIDE WALLCOVERINGS & CEILINGS T he big picture. Too often, when people think of wallcoverings they only think of wallpaper. We think about the category in a bigger way. It might be wallpaper, but it can also be a nish or a material like a veneer, or graphics, or tile, or a custom- printed vinyl that reinforces the brand. You can even nd a lot of great natural materials like paper-thin wood that you install like wallpaper. Instagram and ROI: That being said, we do use a lot of wallpaper in different ways, sometimes to make a big impact or energize a space and sometimes to soften a space. A great thing about wallpa- per, too, is that it's a really easy way to transform a room without blowing a crazy budget. The main goal is always to cre- ate the right ambience and those social moments that people want to be in, take pictures of and share. But in restaurant design, it also has to be all about ROI. You can go in and cover all the walls with high-end nishes and custom products, but for many projects, especially indepen- dent restaurants, that's just not realistic or smart. Strategies: Stating the obvious, but always use commercial-grade, wipeable wallcoverings for restaurant projects and/ or make sure you know what it's going to take to keep them looking good. And think about trafc. You probably don't want higher end wallpapers in very high- trafc areas, service areas or even on hard corners that are likely to get bumped and brushed up against routinely. Opt instead for some of the more durable nishes that you know won't get chewed up. A lot of times we'll use wallpapers on higher accent walls, or on the upper portion of walls with painted wood wain- scot below it. It helps to protect it from contact, but also adds another layer to the design. Snapshot: We're just opening the second unit of a restaurant in Dallas called El Bolero. We did a cactus wall- paper installation. It's a really beautiful, bold, clean pattern that's picked up again in a mosaic tile installation around the kitchen expo window. We wanted to mimic the pattern in the wallpaper so the green is an element from all angles inside the restaurant. And we did another wallpaper installation there that has more …orals in it, which is a nice soft element. Together, they help to create a really fun space. For another project, Vidorra, we used a local illustrator and did a really great mural there at the entry and across from the bar. It really complements the space and people take a lot of pictures of it. That's a painted mural, but in the same space we also use a moss wallcov- ering. It's dead moss, but it doesn't look dead. It's a natural material that adds a unique look. Designer Insights: John Paul Valverde & Miguel Vicens, Partners, Creative Directors, Coeval Studio Moroccan-Inspired Porcelain Aster is a collection of Encaustic and Moroccan-inspired porcelain tiles available in three colorways, Classic, Black and White. Each colorway is available in ve individual patterns, as well as nine mixed patterns. The muted, washed-out tones of the Classic line lend a sense of aged elegance to a space. The Black and White patterns provide contrast for a more modern aes- thetic. The Colors line, featuring blue and yellow tones, offers a soft brightness and is in…uenced by Moroccan and Spanish design. The collection comes in 8-by-8-inch square tiles reminiscent of cement tile. Intersperse its geometric patterns with any of the line's four solid colors for additional variety. Nemo Tile Fun with Fungi Mushroom City, a trippy wallpaper pattern from Aimee Wilder, unies the natural and man-made worlds by re…ecting a cityscape in the featured fungi's …uctuating heights. Screen-printed by hand on FSC-certied, clay-coated paper, it's also available on contract vinyl and in a variety of color combina- tions. Single rolls measure 27 inches by 5 yards, pre- trimmed; sheets measure 27 by 36 inches. Aimee Wilder

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