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NOV-DEC 2018

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highlights this table with a base clad in the same blue-gray tile used at the POS counter, more Q-Bert style oor tiles and a special pendant light xture. The tabletop, meanwhile, has the McAlister's logo on it, highlighting the idea of logo- as-community table. More than being a special place to sit, the table's permanent nature helps it break up the dining space, says Krivanek. "There is that open restaurant feel when people can connect with others, but at the same time, you can still see those designated zones based on the placement of that community table," he explains. Other community-focused elements remain visible in the restaurant's art package. New prototype stores, then, will have a wall graphic on an interior brick wall with the community's name and images familiar to community members, such as local landmarks and gathering places. To build even stronger community ties, the company will add a video moni- tor to new stores that can display images of guests. Customers simply have to take a picture of themselves enjoying McAli- ster's, then tag it on social media with the hash tag for their local restaurant. Back to the Beginning With the new restaurant open only a couple of months, McAlister's contin- ues to evaluate the design and look for opportunities to improve it based on customer behavior. According to Krivanek, the chain will obviously look at sales at the rst store and a few more currently in the pipeline. It will also look at beverage sales — highlighted through the place- ment of the tea — and to-go orders. The chain will also continue gathering customer feedback through surveys and quantitative research. This sort of feedback helps the chain understand what its guests want and how McAlister's can meet these needs within its own unique position- ing, Guith says. Leveraging customer feedback has long been a key ingredient in McAlister's success and it plays a key role in the latest evolution of the brand. "We recognized the need to continue to update and be relevant to our guests. To that end, we've undergone this new evolution of the brand," says Guith. "It has largely been focused on refreshing our roots. The focus is still very much on community connection, providing true hospitality to our guests and providing simple but elevated food." + See us in action at, or call (888) 212-8011. Interim Kitchens that keep you cooking For renovation, expansion, or disaster recovery, KTG's innovative Solutions To Go ™ mirror existing production facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, functionality and design. RENOVATION | NEW CONSTRUCTION | EXPANDED CAPACITY | DISASTER RECOVERY

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