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JUL-AUG 2019

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Schedule: Time Is Everything The biggest reason restaurant construc- tion projects get off track? Poor coordi- nation between the restaurant equipment schedule and the actual construction documents, according to Chuck Taylor, director of operations for Englewood Construction, Lemont, Ill. The schedule details every single piece of equipment going into the restaurant. "When we have clients who don't take the time to have that prepared by the architect or designer, we run into problems," he says. It's vital to make sure equipment's on site when the space is ready for it, or it will hold up the entire process, Taylor notes. One missing piece of equipment can signi‚cantly impact the remainder of the restaurant construction project's timeline. Taylor always has not only a master schedule but also a three-week look- ahead, which pinpoints what's happening day by day and is constantly adjusted. At the end of every day, he creates a log, which captures the activity of the day. He then compares the log with the three- week look-ahead to make sure everything has been accomplished. The overall schedule of the project is vital, says Spiegelglass, because of the sheer number of people it affects. He's built more than 350 Panera Bread locations. "When we've ‚nished, there are 70-plus people waiting to work at that company," he says. "If you miss your day by a week, that's 70-plus people missing work." Understanding Utilities Utilities are another issue liable to hold up restaurant construction. This includes the mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing aspects of the job that make Kitchens To Go ® specializes in foodservice facilities that help you achieve speed to market. Whether expanding operations or launching a new restaurant concept, building through Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) saves time and money. With fewer headaches and less compromise in the construction phase, you'll be operational in less time and generating revenue ahead of schedule. See how we help operations flow at, or contact us at (888) 212-8011. Restaurants flow with KITCHENS TO GO ® OPEN SOONER FACTORY BUILT IN CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET SPEED TO MARKET Subcontractors need to have a copy of the entire timeline in advance of the projects, according to Peggy Marker, president of Marker Construction, who was charged with building Boatyard Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Image courtesy of Marker Construction Group

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