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JUL-AUG 2019

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High Capacity - Small Footprint. Don't let limited square footage limit your wine list. By expanding up, you'll have plenty of space to create an impressive oering of ne vintages. • Precise Temperature and Dynamic Humidity Controls – ensure ideal conditions for proper maturation • Carbon Air Filtration – keeps air puried, free from damaging odors • Stainless Interior – for maximum durability and restaurant standard cleanliness • Triple-pane UV Glass Door – protects wine from light exposure that can cause oxidation in wine • Environmentally Friendly – hydrocarbon refrigeration system reduces your carbon footprint by up to 99% • 84" Tall - 24" x 24" footprint provides high capacity wine storage in a compact space • Single and Dual Zone Models Available • Programmable Blue and White LED Interior Lighting with slow fade eect for on and o setting GO VERTICAL TO FIND SPACE FOR EXPANDING YOUR WINE OFFERING PERLICK WINE COLUMN REFRIGERATION Contact Perlick to learn more - 800.558.5592 Scan this code for more information on Perlick Wine Column Refrigeration. PerliQ - State Of The Art digital touch screen provides precise control over all wine column functions. Convertible Display Shelf - In display mode, it showcases your nest vintages. In standard, Šat mode it maximizes storage capacity.

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