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JUL-AUG 2019

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5 6 • r e s t a u r a n t d e v e l o p m e n t + d e s i g n • J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 9 JEUNE ET JOLIE, INDEED knew that if I told them about what I was thinking for Jeune et Jolie and the vibe that I wanted, they'd be able to design the restaurant that I had in my head but couldn't picture. Once they started showing me ideas, I knew they completely understood." The vision in Resnick's head was that of a modern French cocktail bar and restaurant with a subtle feminine- punk attitude. It would give equal weight to hospitality, experience and theater. And it would be a "transportive" space. "When you walk in, I wanted it to feel like you're not in Carlsbad, like you've been transported somewhere different for a very distinct and unique experience," Resnick says. "But at the same time, I wanted it to feel like it belongs here, in a surf town two blocks from the beach." Space First, Concept Second With those seemingly opposing marching orders in mind, Rourke and St. John had to „rst focus on transforming what he says was a completely nondescript space both inside and out. "It was awful, like a 1970s of„ce building," St. John recalls. "There was nothing to capture the imagination. When you „rst visit a site, you always have your „ngers crossed for some character, something to work with, but there really was none here." Just down the street from Camp„re, the single-story corner space became available when friends of Resnick pur- chased the building in Carlsbad Village, a downtown neighborhood that's home to antique shops, a farmers market, diverse local restaurants, art shops and boutiques. Used for many years as a secondhand furniture store and, most recently, a jujitsu studio, it spoke to Resnick for its location and size but also because, like Camp„re, it would be an adaptive reuse project. Unlike Camp„re, which Resnick had begun planning long before „nding a space, Jeune et Jolie was a case of space „rst, concept second. "When my friends bought the building and approached me, I started thinking about what we should do there," he says. "For us, the question when we're developing a concept isn't just 'What are we excited about doing?' It's also 'What would „ll a gap in the market?' We then try to match those two things up to create something unique. That's what hap- pened with Jeune et Jolie." While the building lacked character, its simplicity — open rectangle, concrete "oor, one bathroom — made it a blank slate for design. Beginning with the exterior, the team took the building down to studs, redid framing, built a three-foot parapet around a patio seating area in front and clad the exterior in simple off- white stucco. Original windows were re- placed with large, arched windows framed in pale laurel green along the facade and dining room side of the building. "The windows are pill-shaped, which is a theme that runs throughout the space," Resnick says. "They're very charming and have an older character, but they also feel modern and fresh. We speci„cally wanted to make sure that the glass is very clear and beautiful, so Snapshot Concept: Modern French cocktail bar and restaurant Opened: December 2018 Location: Carlsbad, Calif. Real estate: Single-story corner storefront Project type: Adaptive reuse Dayparts: Dinner daily, brunch Saturday and Sunday Average check: Dinner, $75 per person; brunch, $30 Size: 2,000 square feet Seats: 56 dining room, 17 bar, 16 patio Design highlights: Arched windows, back-bar wall, rose-colored velvet banquettes, open kitchen with chef's table, eclectic artwork, pill-shaped bar, brass accents, custom tile "oor- ing, bold restroom wallpapers Project duration: 14 months The restaurant was strategically designed to give every guest a view of the fully open kitchen, where a large custom cooking suite is the focal point.

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