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July-August 2017

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3 0 • S P O N S O R E D C O N T E N T • J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 RENOVATION AND REMODELS EQUAL BIG RETURNS When a restaurant operator is looking for a refresh, adding a new food display pro- vides an opportunity to increase revenue. When done correctly, a grab-and-go or service display will enhance the feel of the entire environment and generate impulse sales. Today, it isn't enough for a display case to be beautiful; it also needs to complement its environment. The key is adding displays in a way that fits with the location using equip- ment that is adaptable enough for the operator to be imaginative. Display cases can be built into counters, walls and other millwork pieces to blend and com- plement the interior design. They can also be used as freestanding displays to accent the decor. The Reveal ® line from Structural Concepts has been engineered for a variety of applications, including hos- pitality, healthcare, corporate dining restaurants and cafes, providing nearly unlimited possibilities to add fresh food almost anywhere. It's one thing to be simply beautiful. It's another to have beauty and breadth. The Reveal series includes refrigerated and non-refrigerated models in service, self-service and combination styles. More than 20 models are available that can be mixed and matched, built into mill- work structures or used as freestanding displays. A variety of interior and exterior finishes also are available to complement the operation's aesthetics. The Reveal models include com- pletely frameless vertical glass. The UV Insulated Glass (UVIG) technology allows the glass-to-glass seams of the box to virtually disappear, eliminating any distraction from the food inside. The box-within-a-box construction forms ample air space between glass panes to provide the insulation needed to prevent condensation. Reveal displays are powered by the Breeze-E refrigeration system, ensuring superior performance in real world condi- tions. Reveal is designed and tested to maintain safe refrigerated food tempera- tures in higher ambient environments. Each model comes with an easy-to- access refrigeration system to simplify maintenance and improve functionality. Reveal models are durable. In a rigorous rundown of impact and shipping tests, the UV bonded glass passed with flying colors. This proves the simple beauty of the glass can hold up to real- world shipping and handling. To see the full Reveal line, visit For all of your display needs, visit Trends in Vertical Glass Displays UV Insulated Glass (UVIG) technology allows the glass-to-glass seams of the box to virtually disappear, eliminating any distraction from the food inside. A rendering of the Reveal line seamlessly integrated.

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