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July-August 2017

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create separation between one area and the next. "There is a lot to play with when it comes to the use of materials for zones," Lam says. "Planters can give you a zone without having to build something solid. If you're sitting next to something that gives you any feeling of privacy, it can be used without thinking you need to build a wall." In addition to the entryway, Lam also views a restaurant's exit as its own zone and ensures the design there is vibrant enough to bring guests back again. "It should be something to re- member," he says. "The way we design these days, we want people to walk past the bar and have a good memory of maybe having a drink there to the point where they will want to come back." This is where visibility comes into play. Regardless of the way zones are created, operators should keep in mind that, especially in upscale-casual eateries, people want to see and be seen. They also want an experience they can't get anywhere else. This holds true as much in the restroom as it does at the bar, in the dining room or on the patio. AZN has custom sinks in the restroom with faucets that evoke Japanese flowers. "There are a lot of restaurants and bars in Atlanta that have tried to create a very unique bathroom experience. And I've seen the same thing in Las Vegas. People want to see something that gets people talking when they go back to the table," Boggs says. "It enables guests to take a break from the dining experi- ence without feeling let down." It can be easy to lose a brand message or story with the abundance of ways and areas restaurant operators can create zones. However, pulling it all together can happen easily with the right fixtures, furniture and other design elements. + SCULPTED PETALS + OIL RUBBED BRONZE THE FORMULA FREE MIRROFLEX SAMPLE KIT! Contact an ATI Customer Service Representative at 800.849.1320 to place your order. Promo Code: MirroFlexKit17 Offer Expires: 9/30/2017 Lighting and flooring are used to create zones at Gypsy Kitchen in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of BoggsVickers

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