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MAR-APR 2018.

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7 2 • r e s t a u r a n t d e v e l o p m e n t + d e s i g n • M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 8 Form + Function of materials that are easy to clean and maintain over a long period of time. Bathrooms are a functional need within the environment. It's just the reality of the human experience. We want it to be clean and inviting and reflective of the brand." Depp's sentiment is echoed by Jon Bakhshi, owner of Megu in New York City. "It might sound funny, but even going to the restroom should be an expe- rience as the design and flow should be congruent to the rest of the restaurant," Bakhshi says. "In many cases, a rest- room can make you or break you when it comes to client reviews. Most customers visit the bathrooms while they dine, and this can sometimes turn into a conversa- tional piece. This in turn becomes free advertising for the restaurant." Today's restroom trends include stalls featuring floor-to-ceiling doors and separate lights in each one. Con- sumers like the privacy, and that experi- ence can make even the most basic restaurant restroom feel more high-end, says Sarah Kuchar, an interior designer and founder of Chicago-based Sarah Kuchar Studio. Other elements, such as plush towels and nice soaps, also make for an elevated experience. Meanwhile, restroom vanities, floors, and back walls give designers and architects room to play and get creative. "We do things with wallpaper, soaps and lighting, and we try to do cool things with tile on the floor and more interesting lighting," Kuchar says. "They are small rooms, and when it comes to finishes, it can be impactful." Additional elements, such as floor- ing, wallpaper, tile, vanities and even the door signage, should be a consider- ation for creativity in the space. "I think the vanity has the most impact in a restroom as well as the Today's trends include restroom stalls featuring floor- to-ceiling doors and separate lights in each one.

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