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MAR-APR 2018.

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wall behind it because you have a mix of wall and floor components," Weems says. "With the counters, sinks and faucets, you can add some fun, and then add onto it with the mirror that you choose and decorative lighting." Operators should also not forget about the door leading into the space as brands across all segments have bucked the traditional M and W in favor of more colorful signage. These doors are the first interaction guests have between the restaurant and the restroom, Weems says, so these typi- cally sterile spaces are ripe opportuni- ties for playful creations. This holds true in terms of font, imagery and design and can carry forward through- out the bathroom environment. "Restrooms can be a bolder expression of the design message," Weems says. "It can be more fun or funky, and owners can be a bit more creative there. But it's important that operators and designers start from the beginning and understand what the brand and message is and what opera- tors want to convey to the guest." That means restroom design needs to be part of the conversation early on so everyone has a clear understanding of what the space should convey. "Keeping the message consistent throughout the decor of the entire lay- out is critical. This is why the relation- ship between the architect and designer needs to be synergistic," Bakhshi says. "When they feed off each other, cre- ativity flows and will resonate in the finished product." + We've been delivering the widest selection of commercial faucets to restaurants for over 115 years. With over 4,825 products on our website plus the ability to design your own faucet – we've got you covered. Visit or call 800/323-5060 for more information. Get a FREE Food Service catalog at Restroom Faucets I Sink Faucets I Pot Fillers I Handwash I Dipperwell I Glass Fillers I Janitorial Faucets I Pre-Rinse WE COVER THE HOUSE FRONT, BACK, AND EVERY SINK IN BETWEEN Elements such as flooring, wall paper, tile, vanities and even the door signage, should be a consideration for creativity in the space.

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